Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your Outer World Is A Mirror Of Your Inner World

It is a sad shame that so much of the bible has been distorted and warped to fit the agenda's of specific groups. While I refuse to point the finger at any one organization, I feel fairly confident that many people understand this opinion.

If it is above us as it is below us, then it just makes sense that what is outside of us, must be inside of of us.

If I love my self, then I must be experiencing love in my environment as well.

If I forgive my self, then I must be able to forgive others.

If I respect my self and exercise my body, nurture my spirit, and expand my mind, then I must also have respect for my fellow man.

If on the other hand, I do not love my self, surely I will attract those who are unable to love me.

If I cannot forgive my self, then I will attract others who judge me.

If I do not respect my self, and fail to exercise my body, mind, and soul, then I will attract friends and lovers who do not respect themselves as completely as they could either.

If I do not give my all in love, love will not give its all in return.

All love starts with self love.

Love all of you, completely mind, body and soul.

Love your soul as if it were your lover.

Love your self, so completely so that the next love that shows up, loves you completely.