Monday, February 20, 2012

Please Pray For The Heroine Addict I Love

Just about two years ago I met a very young man named Taylor. He is 19 now, and addicted to heroine. He has been since I met him, and even before that.

My heart felt a tremendous tug when my fiancee's daughter told me about her childhood friend. If my heart had eyes, they'd still be weeping for the child who is lost within the frenzy that has become his mind.

To all of my wonderful readers, and friends on Twitter who believe in their hearts that LOVE can make a difference, I ask you this day to remember my friend Taylor. In your hearts space please place thoughts of my young friend, and see him in your hearts mind as healed. See him smiling, fulfilled, and in love with himself. See him experiencing the truth about life-see him enlightened, grateful and open to positive things.

Most of us here on this blog, and on Twitter believe that each being is a manifestation of source energy in physical form. Enlightened beings understand that as physical manifestations of pure source energy, we cannot separate the physical experience from the spiritual or intellectual sides of what it is to be a human. Therefore our physical bodies are prone to physical limitations. Unfortunately addiction is one of those physical limitations.

Taylor is a good soul. I dare say he entered into this world hoping to change it some way. Knowing him has in fact changed me. I am softer, more empathetic, and more open because of him.

I believe with all of me that the energy of LOVE can transform anything, even addiction.

I believe that with enough LOVE, Taylor can be healed.

I believe in the power of prayer, if that prayer is offered in the form of faith.

I do not see Taylor as he is in my prayers. I see him as I wish him to be.

Friends, today, in your heart space, as you go about your routines, see Taylor as you would wish to see any happy, fulfilled 19 year old young man.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you all...