Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Law of Attraction and Self Doubt

The law of attraction is at work whether a being acknowledges it is or not. If we are fear based, or anxiety based our external experience will reinforce that fear and anxiety. A fear based anxious being quite literally takes what could be a joyous, pleasant experience and perceives it as anxiety provoking.

Spirit guides are all around us. In my opinion this is a fact. But if I did not believe in them, I would not experience the ease of knowing they exist.

Self doubt is one reason why we are so often pulled out of alignment with our greater purpose. We doubt what we think, what we feel and even what we believe.

If we grew up in homes with overbearing parents, who conditioned us to doubt our own feelings, and if we have not dealt with this issue effectively in our adult lives, this could be effecting our ability to use the law of attraction deliberately.