Monday, February 27, 2012

The Law of Attraction/It's Not What You Say-It's What You Mean

Many people who do not understand the true principles of the law of attraction, and it's omnipotence, tend to think of the LOA as some made up story by some money hungry opportunistic author slash business person. Unfortunately there has been somewhat of a backlash regarding all the media attention around books like "The Secret" and "The Power." This is unfortunate, because the very people who poo poo the principles of the LOA are the very ones who could benefit the most by opening themselves up to learning more about it.

The LOA is at play whether a mind consciously accepts it is or not. Angry people tend to get sicker more often than those who tend to be more peaceful. Angry emotions trigger the secretions of chemicals within the body that cause elevations in blood pressure, as well as insulin and cortisol. Anger is an emotion that constricts blood flow and cuts oneself off from feelings of happiness. If a person chooses to entertain thoughts of anger, his thoughts will bring about an equal chemical reaction in his body. What happens in the mind, also happens in the body.

The body, like the universe is not concerned with what "words" are coming out of someone's mouth. If my neighbor despises me, and yet each day says "Good morning, how are you?", his words are empty while his vibration is full of negativity.

If you say you are not nervous, and yet inside your mind you panic consistently over things you cannot control, the universe will only feel your panic. The universe is not a speaking plane. It is a feeling plane.

The universe isn't listening to you, it's feeling you.