Friday, March 9, 2012

Manifesting-Could It Really Be That Simple?

We all dream. We all want, but how many of us get what we wish for?

For many, it seems that life is more full of the things we don't want, rather than with the things we do want. We all want to be thin, be beautiful, and to of course be rich. But instead most of us are overweight, far from gorgeous, and just about making ends meet. So what's the problem? Why aren't we yet a world full of deliberate, happy creators, drawing into our experience the things of our dreams?

For all those who have read the book and watched the movie called "The Secret", you may feel as I do that something was missing from the story. While I appreciate very much the message that was so beautifully brought to the publics attention, I cannot help but feel that there was a particular idea that could have been expanded upon a bit more extensively that would have helped all those who had true intentions of using the LOA to their advantage.

Yes, thoughts become things and what you think about is what you bring about, but the real clincher to this law is not what is going on in the head as much as it is about what is going on in the heart.

I think a better mantra for the movie and life for that matter is, "What you feel, becomes real".

The LOA is responding not to what you think consciously. Instead it is responding to what you feel. When people speak about their truth, they usually refer to "what their heart knows or feels."

If you ask most people who are now divorced, they will probably tell you that way before they got married, they knew "in their heart" they shouldn't have married their spouse. If they're truly honest, and at a healthy stage of self awareness, they will also probably tell you that along their life's path they often felt "their heart" telling them that they should never have gotten married to their partner at all. They will also tell you, how happy they are now, that they eventually found the courage to "follow their heart" and ultimately got divorced.

People who are barely making ends meet are most often than not, people who are in jobs they do not like. Because they spend so much of their time feeling negatively towards where they work, they unfortunately fail to spend time thinking about how they want to feel.

The Law of Attraction is simple. What you feel, becomes real, good or bad. Your biggest brain isn't in your head or in your pants, its in your chest. Your heart knows what's good for you.

Manifesting deliberately is a simple process. First and foremost you have to follow your joy. Each being born was created to live to its fullest potential. A rose is beautiful because it knows its supposed to be a rose. What would a rose who was unhappy it was a rose look like? What if a rose really wanted to be a tulip or a daisy? The rose would be confused and undoubtedly would not be the symbol of love it has become today.

When you listen to your heart, and deliberately seek to experience the things that bring you joy, whether that is dancing, or writing, or raising animals, you come into alignment, mind-body-and soul with the very source that created you.

When you know what you want will bring you joy, then being joyful first will resonate from within you and become like a magnet, and draw to you the equivalent vibration of joy.

If you believe being thin will bring you joy, then starting a business you have been dreaming about starting will bring you the joy you will need to help you attract the joy you believe being thin will create in you. You will naturally lose weight, merely because you are following your bliss "first" by starting that business your heart has been urging you to begin.

Remember, "What you feel, you can make real."

Knowing what brings you joy is key. Following that joy right here and right now, is also key. Eventually in time as you begin to finally tip the scales of bliss in your favor, your physical time space reality will begin to reveal to you evidence of your inner desires.

Remember too, that if you allow yourself to feel frustrated, only more frustrating situations and circumstances can stay active in your life. When you begin to harness the power that is found in the NOW by deliberately focusing on the things that bring you happiness, in spite of whatever nonsense is going on around you, you've then joined the ranks of the very few, but very happy joyful deliberate creators.