Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Open Letter To Esther Hicks

Dear Esther,

I wish there were a way you could feel the magnificent way your teachings make me feel each morning, as I sit in the comfort of my tiny living room, surrounded my the things that bring me joy.

Your allowing of the teachings of Abraham to flow through you, and your choice to share these pearls with the universe have blessed me in innumerable ways.

Your interpretations of Abraham and the unique way in which you relay those teachings to us, your students, awakens pathways in me that may have never been awakened had it not been for you.

I wanted to take this time to thank you in a way only I know how to do, and that is with my words expressed through writing.

Thank you Esther for helping me remember who I really am, who we all really are, and what my true purpose is here in this physical time space reality, as an extension of pure source energy.

I am a physical representation of all that is non physical. I am as a star, and a star is as I am.

I get it Esther, and your teachings help keep me in alignment in those moments when I find myself stumbling through contrast...

I love you...


Lisa A. Romano