Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Powerful Potential of Your Thoughts

When energy is flowing in one direction, it is wonderfully powerful; think about a lightning bolt.

When energy is moving in various directions, it is far less powerful than it could be; think about static electricity.

If thoughts are essentially energy in the form of ideas, imagine the force you were meant to be when your mind became physically focused. Imagine further the power of two physically focused human beings consumed by the same goal. Imagine the power behind the intent of combined physically focused energy in the form of thought.

This is the kind of energy that the universe is made of.

It is also the kind of energy that is responsible for destroying aspects of our lives as well.

Thought can create, or it can destroy. The free will of man is what decides a beings fate, although the ego will insist to its own mind that others, circumstances or things are to blame for his/her unhappy state of being.

After listening to another amazing clip by Esther Hicks, I am once again expanded by the idea that spontaneous healing is in fact possible, and probable. When Jesus laid hands on the sick, his desire for their wellness overpowered the sick persons concept of themselves. And when Jesus told the sick, "Go now you are healed, and tell no one", His reasons for insisting the healed person keep their secret to themselves is simple. Jesus didn't want any unfaithful person interrupting the healed persons new healthy thoughts. It is doubt that makes us sick.

We do no one any good when we see lack in them, and we do even less good when we see lack in ourselves.

Holding people in our minds the way we would like to see them, and refusing to give into their complaints about others or even themselves, is the key to healing.

Intentionally focusing our thoughts in a powerful way, and then coming together to co create specific desired realities together, is the cornerstone of manifesting our own realities as well as healing ourselves and others along the way.