Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who You Really Are/Cosmic Reality

In immense appreciation for all that is, I write to you today.

With tears of love, joy, and gratefulness, I extend from within me to all who find themselves upon these words now.

We are all brothers and sisters. We are all as cosmic as we are flesh and bones. We are all as light as we are heavy.

We are not small. We are the heavens as well as the earth.

From dust;cosmic dust, and through the vortex's that have been, life has been summoned into the magnificent creation called man.

Our evolution is incomplete, and shall never be fulfilled, for it is our destiny to create from what has been before.

From a vortex we came forth. From a vortex we create now, and through a vortex shall we part from this physical time space reality, and to a vortex shall we find ourselves again.

Like a ferris wheel that never stops spinning, we beings transition through various states of consciousness.

We are all one. We are all of the same origin. There is no separation between beings, unless the mind accepts this as so.

This planet is like an amusement park for consciousness in physical form. Man is a creator, and can do with his physical life what he wishes.

Here, with physical bodies, we are meant to enjoy this physical planet called earth, one another and the gift of physicality itself.

It is our true nature to appreciate, to feel worthy and to above all else...Love...