Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Does Life Have To Be So Hard? Making Peace With Your Life

Often we hear people say things like, "Why does life have to be so hard", or "Life is so hard."

If our brain is nothing more than a computer processing tool, it is not difficult to see how we--the data entry clerks of our existence contribute to the very paradigm so many of us complain about.

Life is not supposed to be hard. However, without the benefit of contrast, none of us would know what we truly want or what makes us feel good. Without knowing what doesn't feel good in out guts, then we would not be able to fully grasp the glorious feeling of appreciation.

Those who were denied love as children, find themselves, if they allow the experience into their lives, resolved to love more deeply as adults.

Those who have been deceived, find that honesty and truth are states they appreciate perhaps more intensely than someone who has not known the pain of being hurt by lies.

Those who have known sickness, appreciate more the little things in life so many do not even acknowledge, because they have an awareness of death others spend little time contemplating.

Life gets messy sometimes for one reason only, and that is to wake us up.

If your life is messy, do not "attach" your self--your state of being to the emotions of the moment. Instead, become an observer of your feelings--step back and bless the feelings of misalignment within you for helping you notice when your life was getting off course...then with love, and with gratitude start making decisions that move you closer to the inner peace you crave.

Sometimes in that space--in the space where there is no sound--just the realization that a decision is required to pull you back into alignment, there is struggle. It is within that gap that souls slip, years tick by, and life escapes us. But, if you resolve yourself to feeling good more often, your need to make decisions in that space will lessen, because it will be your natural state of being as well as desire to not allow your thoughts, or others to pull you out of alignment in the first place...