Monday, April 2, 2012

How To Enjoy Life

So often we beings forget why we were created in the first place.

So conditioned to assume and thus believe in the visions that have been flashed across our eyes since birth, we beings fall prey to ignorance. Because we have not been taught to question our programming, we naively, and perhaps ignorantly accept it. We rarely stop to wonder why our ego's are so big, or why we tend to get angry or sad over certain situations.

Most of us have not been taught how 'not to' react. Instead we are guided by our impulses, which have been spoon fed to us through various societal conditioning tools. Whether those tools were in the form of organized religions, brotherhoods, sisterhood, familial laws or profit motivated advertising, most of us are unaware of how little of 'us' is in us.

A being who does not know his own mind, is one who does not own his own mind. A being who fails to assess his own thoughts, is living only half a life; for to live is to live through volition and choice, and without awareness there can be no choice.

While all this existentialism sounds quite complicated, its not. Life was meant to flow downstream. At our core we are all love, and the more we remind ourselves of this fact, the easier our life becomes.

When a being loves themselves, they learn to tune into what brings them peace, and learns to avoid 'thinking', 'others', and 'situations' that attract chaos. When a being loves the people in his/her life, there is a natural tendency to shelter, nurture, and encourage rather than to deceive, manipulate, and control. When authentic love is present in a being, there can be no fear and no anxiety. When a couple shares authentic love, between them is only a desire to nurture and envelope the other with more love.

When love of self, and love of the others in your life is the cornerstone of your existence, life cannot help but flow downstream. Life is difficult because people make their lives difficult by turning away from love in some way, whether that is in not loving themselves, or in the dishonoring of those that love them.

If your desire is to enjoy your life, keep ever present in your minds eye a few facts.

Know that society is built on profit, and profit is rarely made on happy people who don't get sick, don't get divorced, and plant flowers as a form of recreation.

Know that your ego is tied to programming, and that the bigger it is, the bigger your personal headaches will be--guaranteed. Even the bible states; "The humble shall inherit the earth."

Know that before you the earth spun in direct proximity to the other planets of this solar system, and after you it will continue to spin, re-create life, and go on just fine without you and your mindset.

Know that unless you know why you think the way you do, 'you' aren't thinking at all.