Monday, April 2, 2012

Idiot Savant--Autistics; Perhaps We Are The Idiots

We are all forms of life force energy.

Consciousness is a form of life force energy.

Consciousness is found in every dimension of our time space reality.

It is not exclusive to mankind.

The earth is conscious. Trees, grass, and flowers breath.

The sky is conscious. It expands, it exchanges gases, and it moves.

Animals are conscious. They are interconnected within their own dimension, entangled on a quantum level with similar beasts who share the same perceptional dimensional realities.

So called inanimate objects, are not still. They too are vibrational beings at their core.

Human beings share their own perception of reality, and exist on a quantum level with their own kind.

When the energy that creates the ability for a being to breath stops, physical life ends in the physical dense matter of the body. The life force however of that being lives on, and when it leaves the physical body it joins similar energies outside the physical body; outside that physical dimension.

If these ideas are true, then all of us have the potential to 'step into' whatever reality we desire while here on this physical plane. This is a multi dimensional universe with dimensions most human beings cannot perceive, not because they do not have the ability to do so, but because they do not 'believe' in the ability to do so. So caught up in the illusions of their life, they fail to think outside of the box they have thought themselves into, and continue on running the rat race they presume life is.

We are highly perceptible human beings with possibilities far greater than most of us can imagine. Savants are examples of human potential. If it is possible for a being who is presumed 'mentally handicapped' in some way to be brilliant, it is possible that we--the observers and labelers of so called idiot savants are actually the idiots, mentally handicapped by our short sided understandings of human potential.

Savants, autistics, and so called 'handicapped' beings perceive their realities uniquely, as we all do. We therefore, unknowingly all exist in an extraordinary multi dimensional world, whether we consciously acknowledge that to be true or not.

We all would fair better in this place, if we could all accept this as so, instead of ignorantly thinking everyone on this planet was intended to think, look, behave, and do as we do...