Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Overcoming The Need To Enable

It is not an easy thing to do--to think.

While most react without the volition of the mind, most living is done with only 5% of the brain.

Because we beings are habitual in nature, and our organism is one that does not require us to 'think' about breathing, excreting or digesting, our bodies do not require cooperation from a thinking mind.

To think, I have it heard said, is heroic.

To consider ones own patterns of thought, is akin to traveling alone to the center of the earth.

Enabling occurs whenever one sees another as a victim, and who ultimately encourages the illusion that the other is a victim, rather than encouraging the other to learn how to think above their current pattern of thought that supports the idea that the other is a victim.

It is also possible to enable ourselves.

Pity parties, thrown by Debbie Downers, and Sulking Sammy's are drizzled with woe is me party streamers, and 'my life sucks' decorated party plates.

The need to enable is rooted in an immature mindset that is built on less than perfect coping skills.

Coping, suggests that we use our thinking brains to help us choose to feel grateful, instead of pity.

It is possible in any situation, to see good, if one deliberately chooses to use the power of focus to do so.

It does no one any good to play into the illusions that we thinking beings need to feel sorry for ourselves.

From the position of victimhood, we hand over our personal power, throw blankets over the rainbows our brains know it can find, if you just let it, and depress our very own immune systems.

Enabling? Its just not worth it...

Encourage instead of enable, even ourselves...