Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Abundance--Infinite Streams of Abundance

Every morning I wake up at four a.m. and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while sitting on my front porch.  Above me I can see stars that remind me of tiny peepholes in the dark sky.  I can see the moon, feel the cool wind, smell the early dew, and hear the sound of busy birds all around me.

It is a holy time, a time I use to remind myself to connect to the infinite streams of abundance that abounds about me.

Nature is one with all that is.  Unladen with worry--the stars, sky, grass and flowers do not pinch themselves off from the universal stream of well being that flows effortlessly about.

Unlike flowers or the stars in the sky, only thinking beings are born with the free will that allows them the choice to flow with the stream of abundance or against it.

Today remember to make an effort to not 'think' so much in terms of what you do not have.

Today remind yourself to deliberately attune yourself, and focus more on what 'you do have'.  If all you have is you--be thankful you're alive and able to enjoy the infinite streams of abundance about you.

Notice vibrant vegetation.  Notice the stillness of the clouds.  Notice how the wind feels on your skin.  Notice the sound of a child's laughter.  Notice--the stream of abundance you may habitually pinch yourself off from...and then in that moment think a thought that causes you to flow with it--rather than pinch yourself off from it.

Free will?


You betcha...

How will you exercise your free will today?

Will you notice the infinite stream of abundance, or will you--through thought--pinch yourself off from it?

Its there--open your eyes.