Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fear of The Abyss; Healing The Wounds of Shame and Perfectionism

Great Book.

As an author of self help books myself, I always enjoy finding other authors who tend to approach hard core issues from deeper and often times forgotten perspectives.

I agree wholeheartedly with all of the ideas presented in this book, and I was touched by the authors empathy for her shame based clients. I agree that without self awareness-or awareness of the self-healing is impaired. And truer--because our society is infused with perfectionism, shame, and bias it is all but impossible for beings not to suffer some kind of psychological wound that falsely imposes self loathing opinions about ones self.

However, this book and its detailed picking apart of the root causes of shame and perfectionism in our society and how it directly impacts how one sees him/herself is eye opening, and mind expanding.

It is essential that as victims of societies need to create shame based beings in order to fuel materialism and thus profit--that individuals learn to enforce their right to know and honor thy self--because this society does not teach the love of self--in fact--it teaches the very opposite--and creates internal havoc within the minds of individuals along the way--which in turn fuels the bottom line by creating the illusions that fuel depression, addiction, and relationship problems.

This book is by far part of the solution..and I highly recommend it to others.

I would like to add however, that as a recovering codependent, I firmly believe that shame and perfectionism and thus depression are caused by codependent and unconscious belief systems. Whenever an individual falsely believes that they require someone else's validation, or acceptance and fears being rejected by others, they are codependently placing their sense of self and thus worth into the hands of another mortal and imperfect human being...whose unconscious and probable primary goal is to control the other being in the first place...

Whenever an individual unconsciously believes that others must be, act, think and even express love the way they think they should--they are unconsciously looking to control the other in the unconscious hope that their emotional wounds may be soothed.

In the end it is up to the individual to honor their own mind, and to integrate their own spirit so that the body can then exist in a harmonic state...

This book will help unlock old and unconscious beliefs and help individuals who are ready to learn and thus honor their own selves along this journey called life.


Lisa A. Romano
Self Awareness Coach/Speaker/Healer
Bestselling Author

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