Monday, September 3, 2012

The Answers To Life--Creation--and Why You Were Born

Your birth is no accident.  You are an extension of source.  You knew--before you enter this time space reality that you were a creator--and that through the power of your mind you had the ability to focus.

You also knew that this time space reality is vibrational in nature and is attraction based.  You knew here, in this physical world you would get to choose your thoughts--if--if--if--you ever used your free will to do so.

You knew this life experience would be but a twinkling of an eye experience compared to the existence of this planet.  You desired to come forth and to feel your way through life, picking and choosing the experiences you enjoyed, as well as did not enjoy.

At your birth you were connected to this infinite stream of abundance, and your inner being--on a vibrational level owned this feeling.

But because this planet had been for so long infused with negative experiences of others--and because the rising powers amongst you have fought centuries to suppress the feminine, the dominant vibration of this world is not loving in nature.  Instead it has been infected with fear and the need to dominate, control and destroy anything the super powers have deemed unacceptable.

But that is alright.  For a new age is upon as.  And the vibrational feel of the planet is changing.

The stock market has crashed.  Financial gluttons have toppled, and religious doctrines are being weakened.  It is becoming easier to understand that peace can never be attained through violence. Materialism is being exposed for the illusion it is, and more than ever people are discovering that what they have been taught about themselves, others or the world is not trustworthy.

Before this time, centuries of earlier man have spent much of their past history fighting for this thing or that.  And as a result, fear has gripped many hearts that have entered this time and space...and that fear has left a dark vibrational energy here with us, like phantom DNA.

But as generations die off and new beings are brought into this time space reality, and as the vibrational offering of the planet changes, beings more than ever are finding the courage to unravel the mysteries of the ancient spiritual masters.

Ancient masters like many of the American Indian tribes understood the innate connections humans had to the earth.  But because rulers in Europe had been falsely conditioned to believe that possessing material things like land, and raw materials was the key to happiness...they saw American Indians as threats.

American Indians honored their intrinsic connections to mother earth, and therefore America was intended to be a harmonious land.  The male, destructive energy brought here by boat from Europe however, fought hard to destroy the creative, nurturing and tender energy the American Indians practiced, and thus left a deep, dark vibrational footprint on our land.

As December 2012 approaches, the frequency of the earth is increasing, and because the circadian rhythms of humans are tied to the frequencies emitted from the earths core, humans are evolving in various ways.

As our frequencies increase, we will all have less tolerance for dark energies that will want to bring us down.  For those of us whose deepest desires are to own our own experiences, we will find that our relationships will begin to expose negative aspects of those relationships so we can either address them, or leave the relationship all together.  Our new vibrational set points will not allow for dark energies to hold us back any longer.

Man is evolving, and that evolution is not only of the mind, but of the body and is being accomplished through vibrational frequencies.

Dear friend, you came here as a creator.  And although your beginnings may have been dark, you get to bounce off of all the negative experiences you have ever endured and through the power of focus, you now get to pick and choose the life experiences you desire.

Just as birds of a feather flock together so too do thoughts...

Thoughts of a feather flock together.

And vibrational frequencies do align in this time space reality.

The longer you stay stuck in the old, dark, negative vibrational frequencies of all those unaware beings before you, the further away you hold yourself from your eternal truth.

Incrementally, bit by bit, through the divine ability humans have to focus, by practicing harmonious vibrations your thoughts will begin to flock with more positive thoughts...and eventually your physical reality MUST change.

It is LAW.

Your new vibrational set point will then cause you to magnetically attract others in your environment that share the same positive set point.

Miraculously then--you get the chance to co-create with others.

You are not nor ever were not enough.

Everything you need is within you...

Join those of us who have decided to continue to raise the vibrational frequencies of this planet as we ascend to a new earth.

You are love.  You are light.  You are everything.