Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walking On Eggshells--Healing the Codependent Child Within

For so many of us who grew up in homes that made us feel like our everyday life was one that was walked upon eggshells, it is sadly ordinary for us to approach our adult lives from the faulty precept that it is normal for us to feel like at any moment the rug is going to be pulled out from beneath us.  We then tiptoe our way around our bosses, friends, lovers, neighbors, and family dysfunctionally unaware that the very filters we adopted as children as a means to survive, is minimizing the life we were intended to live.

Codependent thinking is a survival skill children learn to help them cope with the chronic stress they lived with under the care of those who either used chemicals such as alcohol, marijuana or other drugs--or who were under the care of the ego based narcissistic self absorbed, intolerant, critical, over religious, non-sensical, ignorant, aggressive or emotionally absent parent.

Learning to tune oneself into others is the way stressed children survive.

By becoming hyper-vigilant children who fear being judged, abused, or painfully ignored--learn to set their sights on those around them so that they can simply ward off a possible attack.

But when as adults, these codependent brilliant little children do not learn how to let those coping skills go--they sadly live their lives on the edge of their seat, and fail to tune into the magnificent creature they are within.

Life then is lived as a passenger rather than the owner of ones own reality manifesting a life by a fulfilled spirits design.

The goal then as codependents who have now moved beyond our families of origin--is to soften those old survival reflexes--and to adopt new patterns of thought so that we can ultimately take control back over our lives.

As a recovering codependent myself--I can safely and assuredly say--that life is worth living--and that nothing is more rewarding than mastering the mind by way of healing the codependent child within...

You are loved...