Monday, September 10, 2012


If when we were upset, we would just take the time to think about WHY we were upset, we would ultimately come to the conclusion that an attachment to some 'thing' or 'outcome' was to blame.

In life we rarely stop to think our emotions through.  Instead we cling to our emotions ignorant to divine truth.  We are not our feelings.

We--we--intelligent thinking creatures rarely--think...Instead we cling, obsess, and get stuck in emotions as if our minds had no ability to choose the thoughts it thinks.

We are human beings and thus we were all born with the ability to focus--but rarely under times of stress do we call on our divine ability to think our way out of the discomfort, some negative emotions can be.

Instead of catering to our children's emotions, and training them to believe that unhappiness is an unacceptable state--we should allow our children to learn to accept their moments of unhappiness just as we would a happy emotion.

Because we have been conditioned to judge our emotions as either good or bad--we have given unnecessary power to negative emotions--and have trained ourselves into fearing these things we call feelings.

Feelings are just feelings--they are not real...

What one person sees as junk, another sees as treasure. Whose perception is real?

Feelings are relative--subjective--and thus are more figments of our own imaginations than anything worth losing a  moment of our lives to.

Cling to nothing--not a thought--not a word--not a thing--not a home--nor to another.

Without attachments, fear must fade like a block of ice on a hot stove.