Monday, October 1, 2012

Balance Your Emotions and Balance Your Life

In order to achieve balance, opposing forces must be equalized.

If your life is out of balance, it is because your thoughts are not equalized.

Because this world we live in is three dimensional, we have been taught to perceive our experiences in terms of duality--either being right or wrong.  Because we have not been encouraged to think outside the rigid boxes of societal norms, we do not allow ourselves to even question what we have been programmed (brain washed) to believe.

If there is resistance within you--it is because you have not yet embraced your ability to access your divine free will.

You have a choice my friend.  Suffering is optional.

When you are sick and tired of being out of harmony within, at any point in time you can activate your free will, and choose to let go of whatever is causing your suffering.

A universal truth is--you cannot change others, nor do others have to change in order to ensure you have a more pleasurable life experience.

No one is coming to your rescue, nor should anyone rescue you.

You alone are responsible for your life experience, and your ability to allow others to be who they are will very much determine your level of happiness, and thus inner balance.

To achieve emotional balance--it is essential to let go of the opposing forces within.

If you love someone--then love them with all of your heart.  Be congruent in your thoughts as well as with your actions.

If you love life--then love life as it is--even if it isn't what you want in any given moment--its still life.

If you love nature--then love nature even when its storming, raining, and snowing--its still nature.

If you love money--then love the money your job allows you to create--even if you don't necessarily love your job.  Be grateful anyway.

By intentionally following through with your thoughts, and coming to a point in your thinking where your current resistance eventually drops, you equalize opposing emotional thoughts and emotions and energy streams within and ultimately master the divine ability to create your own harmonious reality.