Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ACoA: Redefine The Forces That Rule You

If you are able to acknowledge that you are an ACoA, or GCoA, chances are great that you have been wounded.

It is also highly likely that you have experienced a great separation from Self, and this my brother and sisters, is the greatest wound of all.

Each of us is on the same journey, although most of mankind is unaware of this universal truth.  Every man wants peace, joy, freedom, acceptance, abundance and especially to be loved.

Because humans are born into closed family systems, we are not taught to question the very norms and rules we have been programmed to obey.  We simply obey, and become part of the disease that slowly peels us away from Self.

As a result of being born into dysfunction, whether there is alcohol present in the home or not, or whether we as innocent beings were exposed to abusers of others types, the end result is the same.

Denied the love we needed to be able to experience in order to stay connected to our sense of worth, we innocent beings became 'other directed' and sadly slipped away from our divine essence.

We have been fed many lies in our lifetimes, and perhaps one of the greatest lies of all is the illusion that man is not connected to all that is and to all others as well.

Because our family of origins ideas about how the world worked was limited, we were also taught to believe in the illusion of time and space.

There is no such thing as time...Time does not pass, nor is there any such thing as space.  Nothingness does not exist.

Between every being and every other piece of matter in 'space' is energy, a field of electrons, neutrons and protons that unifies us all.  You interact with my energy field, and I interact with yours, and so it is with every other human being, bird, dog, flower, ocean, moon and star.

There is no such thing as separation--whether one is considering his/her separation from another being or one is pondering a separation from Self.

The concept of being separated from Self is an illusion.  It is only possible to deny the existence of Self, and in so doing, dishonor Self.  It is not possible however to separate, as one might consider the idea of separation--from Self, just as it is not possible to separate ones DNA from their deceased mothers DNA.

As wounded children, we did not have the ability or the rights to question the forces that ruled us.  But as adults, we get to redefine the forces that rule our consciousness.

It is right and it is good for man to own his own mind, and to think about thoughts that reacquaint him with his own Self.  Because separation of man is an illusion; an ill force created to ensure man stayed locked in battle against other men, and deeper--to ensure man himself hated the man himself in order to assure fear was an ever present dynamic within the man, which ultimately guaranteed he was controllable, in the end, through the divine ability to evolve ones own consciousness, man will ultimately learn he is one with all men, and all that is.

To the wounded children everywhere--redefine the forces that rule you!

It is your birthright to evolve your consciousness, and to remember your true nature.