Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winning At Life; How To Play The Real Game of Life

Whilst many beings here upon this planet, in addition to those who have already exited this time space reality, believe they are victims of their circumstances, this of course is a lie--a complete and utter fable; a fairy tale designed to keep the masses of beings in states of confusion.

The formula that is required to win at this game called--LIFE is a simple one, and its requirements are few.  Within each being is the key to happiness, love, contentment and bliss.  While it may be difficult for the average self loathing being to believe in something as fancy as this idea--it is nonetheless the absolute truth.

In order to create a more positive now, and a more abundant and peaceful future--all one must do is redefine the past.

When a being commands 'creativity' and through the ability to imagine, begins to redesign old patterns of perceptions that are associated with wounds of the past, a being has essentially accessed the keys to creation itself.

If a man believes he is unworthy, and is unable to find work that is able to support him (because his perceptions of his past failures have caused him to define himself as a failure)--the man--in his now--may blame the economy--his parents--or his past for his poverty.

In truth--because the man has allowed his past perceptions to define him--he can only--by the natural laws of the universe--draw to him--the equivalent of his beliefs.

In the drawing to himself the very circumstances he claims to not want--he will then falsely presume his presumptions about his boss--his past--and or the economy are to blame.

Lost in the mass illusion so many beings fall prey to--this man will fail to see the truth.

He will fail to see--that his lack of love and faith in himself--created feelings of lack within--that drew to him the equivalent material circumstances he claims to wish to avoid.

And so the cycle of dissatisfaction continues.

To win at this game called life--all one must do--is begin to reframe what one believes and feels about ones past--as well as to redefine what ones own beliefs about self are.

By loving self, regardless of what is occurring in ones own physical world, one begins to mold ones own world through the movement of energy, that is brought about through the ability to first create ones desired reality through the power of creative visualization.

The ability to create the lives we desire is found--in redefining our pasts.  By redefining our pasts through the power of our minds, we claim victory over  self defeating beliefs that once held us bound to illusions of victimhood.

Wake up and create your future, by redefining your past.