Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Be Happy Now

We are all here on a journey, and although each one of us seems to come from vastly different parts of the world, the undeniable truth is--we have all come here to learn the same lessons.

In nature there is an intrinsic and divinely beautiful and balanced relationship between the sky and the earth.

The sun delivers to our plants the energy it needs to manufacture within its cells the food and nutrients required to survive.  Our plants and animals rely on the sky for the fresh water it needs to live.  Our earth provides shelter for the animals in the forests and jungles, and trees for animals with wings.  And when one tree falls, the forest does not mourn--for it accepts the cycle of all things, and rests in the knowing that the carcass of the fallen tree--will inevitably decay and in so doing, even replenish the earth it rots upon.

All things have been born for one reason and one reason only--to live.

And while this sounds simple and even obvious--far too many beings are born--and die--while few truly live.

If our outer realities are mirrors to our inner realities--then I want to be a rose...or an eagle...or maybe a dolphin or an orca whale.

I want to be an extension of all that is and be filled with the the kind of harmony that can only come from total knowing that can only be found through faith--the faith of knowing that all is matter what...all is well...

Roses do not fret over when their next thirst will be satisfied, nor do they squirm at the first notice of a winter chill.

As seedlings, roses break through the earths surface, and claim their right to live.  Roses sit back and absorb the energy of the sun just as a vineyard full of grapes might do.  It makes no matter to the rose, that it is but one single rose.  Within its DNA is a knowing that goes unquestioned.  It is--therefore it is worthy.

My inner being translates this knowing into love.  This knowing that is evident in all forms of nature is a vibration of love, peace, and harmony.  And like the animals, plant life, and even the stars in the sky, we thinking beasts are capable of the same type of peace.  It is capable for us to live in harmony with others--but not first without claiming harmony from within.

When you are a wounded child, your connection to self has been lost.  Your faith in your own abilities, in others and even in the world has been damaged.  It is as if someone or something has turned off your DNA.  You feel like a light has gone out within you, and desperately you feel the desire to know what it is to feel love, accepted, valid and whole.

Interestingly enough, what so many of us enjoy about nature--is love.

What we love about birds, lions, dolphins, and weeping willow trees is their harmony--their peace--their stability--their inner knowing and ultimately their lack of resistance with all that is.

The key to being happy right now, can be found in easing up on our resistance to self.  When we stop resisting who we are, and what we want, it is like shedding an old, heavy skin.  We move easily from one vibrational point to the next.  The shift happens in our consciousness but is felt in our hearts--literally.

If you have been abused, own it.  Know you have been neglected, and then stop resisting your right to nurture and love self.

When you look in the mirror, do not resist your aging face and embrace it instead.  When you step into your beat up car, love it rather than thinking poorly of it.  When you slip into a pair of pants and you notice that they feel snug, do not resist the feeling.  Instead love your body for where it is now, and summon the emotion within that allows your inner being to feel accepted rather than rejected for something as nonsensical as bloating.

It is unfortunate that so many of us have been so damaged that we need to learn how to love self.  However, it is a miraculous thing to know that beings who have suffered incredible emotional hardships have in fact overcome.

Turn away from what society or your family or your religious institutions have programmed you to believe is correct. A rich man does not make a smart man, nor does a poor man make an ignorant man.  Beauty does not guarantee a kind heart, not does lack of beauty equate lack of inner perfection.  Turn within instead, and stop resisting your integration.

You are not your body, nor your mind.  You are spirit.  Your mind allows you to connect to spirit and your body allows you to physically feel spirit.

Peace can only be found within the temple of man--his spirit.  Man can be poor, yet full of peace.  Man can be dying, yet full of peace, if that man holds within his spirit the knowing that while on this earth--he loved with all of his heart--and most importantly--he knows he lived.

It is only possible to know what it is to live, if one knows what it is to love.  And it is only possible to love, by way of loving self enough first, before attempting to love any other. 

In spite of where you have been, you can still find peace--now.  It is a matter of exercising your free will.

We can accept that we are deserving of love, just as that rose accepts the energy from the sun, the rain from the sky and the nutrients from the earth, or--not.  We can stop resisting peace--and embrace our ability to let down our guard and open our hearts to self--or not.