Saturday, November 17, 2012

Transcending Pain--Transcending Mind

The basic function of the mind is to solve problems.  This would be a magnificent trait if the mind was also not created to seek out problems.  The mind is simply a hamsters wheel, when left unwitnessed will dissolve its host into never ending streams of chaos. Until the being learns to transcend the mind--total freedom can never be found.

The one who is able to master his mind--has learned to master his life.

But how does one learn such a skill?

Knowledge is power, and when beings refuse to seek out information, they choose defeat.  Whether these beings ever acknowledge they are refusing the keys to enlightenment is not the issue, and is in essence a form of self denial.  That which people do not recognize within themselves, is easy for them to deny.

This denying ability is irrelevant, and keeps beings in the dark.

The issue is whether or not the being truly seeks happiness and joy--or not.

Not seeking knowledge is choosing whether consciously or not--to live by default.

Truth seekers--those amongst us like you and me, are those who are willing to do what is necessary to take control over our own lives--our happiness--and ultimately our own minds.

To live and to not seek truth--as to how the mind works--is to begin a business without understanding the nature of the business endowed upon.  While it is possible to buy a car wash, and to stumble ones way along in the operations of such a business--it would serve the owner of the new business in much greater rewards--if the owner--first sought knowledge out--and studied the nature of the business before he decided to step into such a venture; a venture he presumed began because he believed it would create for him--freedom--abundance--and peace.

We beings have been born to parents who knew nothing of how the mind, body or spirit functioned.  And yet, with all the technology available today, and the various ways in which a being can find knowledge--still many choose to walk in the darkness--play in the mud chaos creates--and blindly believe they are doing all they can to create joy--freedom--and love in their life.

Today--know with all of your inner being, that if you remain open to the fact that you know nothing--you will one day know all that you need to know--in order to live a life of joy.

The man who foolishly presumes he knows everything--can learn nothing.

Stay true to your journey towards healing--for within your healing lies the release of old pain--and the path towards a light body.  Allow your mind to make the connections to your past for you--and hold ever present in your mind this one universal truth--You are enough...and chaos of mind is a choice.

As you transcend old pain--keep this thought in your mind's soul...and as you journey forward--remember the mind of man is a chamber of chaos--and it is impossible to drop the thoughts that are swirling about its walls...

Your purpose on earth is to learn how to ALLOW the chaos to pass you by--as you--the observer of all that is--transcends--and mindfully--and emotionally learns to detach from what is happening in the mind.

It is like learning to swim outside of a fishbowl, while watching schools of other fish pass you by.  You are still a fish...yet rather than being caught up in the chaos of the swim--you are the observer instead...loving your brothers and sisters before you--yet accepting them and their decisions to swim with the masses--even though to them--you are the odd man out.

Our chaotic thoughts are mirrors to the beings, circumstances and problems we choose to stay attached to in our everyday lives...Thoughts--like people--and our emotions--are not US.  And when we learn to discern thoughts--people and emotions that do not serve us--and when we learn to pick and choose those thoughts and people and emotions that do serve us from the ones that do not--and furthermore--when we learn to allow our inner guidance that was innately created to move towards more blissful experiences be our guide--we are in essence embracing the classroom our life was intended to be--and learning to be masters of life as well.

It is your destiny to know the freedom that comes from staying steadfast to your birthright--Peace is your rightful state of being...