Friday, May 2, 2008

Knowing The Self

To know ones self, one must learn to be the master of ones own mind.  One must learn to discipline ones self to the point, where he or she can hear their own thoughts.  With the tens of thousands of thoughts that run through the human brain each day, it is required to be conscious of those thoughts, if one is to master the mind.

People assume they are conscious because they can make a pot of coffee or perform a task. Repeating tasks we have done hundreds of time before does not require total consciousness.  For many of us, we can do what we normally do without thinking at all.  To be truly conscious requires enlightenment, that has been born through awareness. The awareness of which I am speaking is the awareness of Self.

It is not enough to just react to circumstances and situations.  It is not enough to do today exactly what you did yesterday.  It is not enough to allow thousands of images and thoughts to run through your mind. To live, is to think.  To think is to be enlightened.  To be enlightened is to be aware.

Knowing the self requires that each of us learn to hear our own thoughts, contemplate our own emotions, consider our reactions and to think. There is a vast difference between an emotion and a considered thought through the eyes of Self.

If you are not conscious or aware yet of your magnificent Self, then you react more by way of your emotions, rather than through your divine consciousness. Humans are either building lives through Self consciousness, or through the lack of it, by way of emotions.