Monday, May 12, 2008

The Wounded Self

To be human, is to be wounded.  Each of us was born into a world contaminated by falsehoods.  Society at large believes in lies.  Look around you.  How much of what you see is truly authentic? How much of what you touch is real? How much of what you think about, and believe in, is actually true at all?

In private moments, what do your thoughts say to you?  Do you think well of your Self? Do you think ill of your Self? Do you tell your Self you are stupid, or ugly or fat? Do you sense in you a feeling of worthlessness? Do you believe others are out to get you? Do you believe you are destined to be poor?  

When you catch a thought, when you truly hear your thoughts, that is your awareness. Awareness is what allows you to police your own mind.  The greater your awareness, the greater your ability to think and become objective.  Without awareness, one is a slave to the endless thoughts that scream across the mind daily.  Without even realizing it, we react to haphazard thoughts as if they were true.  We are caught within an unconscious loop trapped inside.

If you do not think well of your Self, then you believe in falsehoods.  If you believe you are not great, then you believe in lies.  Because our society is fueled by money, lies are everywhere.  They have to be.  Sadly our society is fueled by lies.  Everywhere we look, somewhere someone is telling us we are not enough.  Advertising companies are rooted in lies.  Advertisers tell us in various ways that without what they are selling, we simply  can not be happy.  By subliminally telling us we are not enough, advertisers create a want in our psyche that helps us believe in the lies they are marketing.

Every make up company intends to feed off the insecurities of their markets, or worse, create them.  Designers cloth dangerously thin models.  Thus the message received is that as women we need to be that thin.  Analyze any market, and you will find the lies. The good news is, they are just lies.

At your core, there are no wounds.  At your core there is only divinity.  At your core, what ties you to this universe and all its splendor is perfect.  As time unfolds humankind moves slowly towards greater universal awareness.  Although at times our world seems to be insane, the truth is, humankind is evolving.  The minds of men are growing.  History assures us this is so. There was a time when slavery was legal.  At one time women could not vote.  Not so long ago, most parents believed children should be seen and not heard. From the length of a very long arm and through the eyes of objectivity, the truth is human consciousness is expanding.

The wounded Self, is the part of us that still sadly does not recognize the truth.  Any wounded Self is one that still believes in lies.  It is the responsibility of us all to help others know their true Self.  For those of us who have gained a greater awareness of our Selves, it is up to us to help others get in touch with their true nature.  All humanity shares the same core divine true nature.  To be human is to be divine.  That is our truth.