Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Make The Law of Attraction Work For You

In order to have the Law of Attraction work for you, you must first design your desires.

The Law of Attraction will never fail. If you are insecure, expect situations to show up that will reinforce that which you focus upon. If you focus on having a big belly, expect to see beautiful tiny waists about you throughout your days to help remind you of how large your waist is. You will attract this form of "reminding" simply by staying tuned into what you do not have.

If you want a smaller waist line, then you first must see yourself in a smaller waist size. You must desire having a smaller waist to the point where you can feel what it feels like to be slimmer and more tone. When you do this, the law of attraction will then attract to you situations, people and even foods into your consciousness that will help you get what you desire. But if instead you focus on what you don't want, you get more of what you don't want. The trick is to focus upon what you do want....and to create enough energy about feeling good about what you do want, that the law of attraction has an easier time matching you up with your desires.

The energy you exude is the only energy that can come back to you. Much like a bank account in which you can only expect to receive what you have deposited, so to is it with energy.

If you are a complainer, expect to find things to complain about. People will disappoint you. You will hit every red traffic light. Your boss will pass you over when it is time to promote employees, and yes....maybe your spouse may even cheat on you.

If you are a manipulator, expect to feel manipulated, and expect to be manipulated.

If you are greedy, expect to find reasons not to be giving, and for others to not give to you.

If you expect to be given to, then you must understand it is you who must find the energy within you to be giving.

If you want to be understood, first seek to understand.

When your energy is one that is giving and is generous, then the vibrations of energy you put out into the world will need to find vibrational matches for that giving. In your physical place, you can then rest in knowing that your prosperity is coming. The laws that govern the universe cannot work any other way. We all match whatever vibration we are sending out.

My life has been dedicated to helping others find ways to "know their own minds". My website, is my story.

My life has been about an unfolding. My life and all its troubles is a factual representation of the law of attraction. What was put into me through childhood programming is what was coming out of me. When my thoughts about the world were forming did I know it was faulty programming? No of course not. I was a child, and I was innocent.

The negative energy that lived in my parents, they unknowingly breathed into me. And as i ventured out into life, I breathed out only what was deposited into me. I however was unaware consciously that this was happening.

On my journey, and through the book I wrote, "The Road Back To Me", I have discovered that for me, I had to go back and unravel what had been done to me as a child. I had to understand completely and fully where my thoughts originated and why they were there. I could not just close my eyes and want things to be better. I needed to know why I was where I was. For me I needed to completely wipe the slate clean and start over.

It is eleven years since the first time my ex husband left. While I thought I was smart just two months ago, I am thrilled in knowing I was wrong. Okay, maybe I was pretty smart a few months ago, and for sure I am smarter and wiser than I was eleven years ago, but today I know I am certainly even smarter than I was 8 weeks ago.

You see, I am still growing. I am still learning. And I feel in my spirit the knowing that the best is yet to come. I get it. It was necessary for me to learn how to detangle all my heart, so that I could be effective in helping others detangle their sorrows. In my heart it was my greatest desire to help others, and true to the law of attraction, in my work this is precisely what I have been doing. I simply help others detangle the woes that are swirling in their heads in the earnest hope of helping them find clarity so that they can begin choosing wiser thoughts and thus begin creating more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

But folks, my desires are changing. True it will always be my hearts desire to help souls wherever I go, but I cannot help but feel it is time to up the anty.

I have been wanting to help others for so long. But now I want more...I desire to travel. I desire to speak to large crowds of people who need to be shown a way out of their confusion. I desire to have more money in order to be able to see and appreciate this planets beauty. I desire to take my children on my trips and to infuse them with the same love I have for nature and the awesomeness of its authenticity. I desire to have so much money that I can drive the car of my dreams, live in the homes I see myself in, and to have money enough to secure my children's financial future as well as mine. I desire money because I know that this physical place our physical bodies exist in requires this paper in order to acquire the things I desire of the physical.

Its coming...I can feel it...but I also know that my attitude towards money must be in alignment with what I desire.

For me to desire lots of money so that I can travel, I must align myself with what it feels like to have so much money that it feels as if the money has already shown up. That means being more giving. That means seeking ways in which to release money so that I can experience what it feels like to have so much money that there is nothing to worry about. That means I must release all my worries about money and act and feel as if what I want I already have.

I have already begun.

When I am asked to donate to a cause, I give freely. When the veteran that stands outside of Waldbaums is handing out his poppies looking for a donation, I always stop my car and stick some rolled up cash into his can. When it comes time to pay my bills, I do so with a grateful heart. I am happy I have the money to keep that company in business. When my daughter asks for a new pair of shoes, and I feel she is deserving of them, I do so happily. When I see a person in need, I stop and give them cash releasing my need to feel like I can't afford to be giving. Because the law of attraction is working I now know that in order to have my physical life be a manifestation of what I truly want, I first must conceive it, focus up on it, and feel as if what I want, is...already....

Life is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!