Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lady Gaga And The Law of Attraction

I just finished watching Lady Gaga on a quick video clip. In it she was giving the American Idol contestants pointers. While watching Lady Gaga I was struck by the intensity of her focus. Watching Lady Gaga was like witnessing a laser hone in on its subject.

In her eyes, in her voice and in the way she moved her body, I could tell Lady Gaga was "tuned" into not only her own vibrational enormity, but to the contestants she was trying to coach as well.

She urged them to "feel" the words and to perform the story behind the words. In essence, what she was asking them to do was to come into "alignment" with the energy of the song, in hopes that that energy would transform their talents from good, to extraordinary.

My mind could not help but be impressed with Lady Gaga's innate ability to be true to herself and to the energy that flows through her. She is unabashed by the opinions of others and devours her instincts. She is open to what is and is blessed in her allowing of energy transference; meaning that Lady Gaga knows who she is, and rather than minimize or tone that which she is, she is a wide open faucet that is accepting of the energy that she is; source energy; divinity.

For some people the Law of Attraction is just a simple phrase. It is likened to Karma; do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. Often I have heard less than aware minds use the phrase as freely as one would say "How are you?", never earnestly concerned about how the person they asked the question truly was.

But the Law of Attraction is far more powerful and real and intense than most realize. If you look at the most public of figures today; the ones that make the headlines, and if you follow their history what you will see is the unfolding of the power of The Law of Attraction.

Lady Gaga is now known all over the world. In a few short years she has raced to the top of the music industry in record speed. How can this be? How can someone so young be so successful in such a short amount of time?

Lady Gaga is not from another planet. She does not have famous influential parents. So what is it that Lady Gaga possesses that most of us do not.

Lady Gaga is in touch with what makes her who she is. Who she is is a visual performer. Who she is is a creative soul. Who she is is an individualist. Who she is is a soul in love with her own talents. Who she is is a woman who is in flow with the energy that has created her. Who she is is someone who is allowing that energy to flow through every cell and every thought and every action in her body. She is a manifestation of source energy, or as some others would choose to call divinity.

Her passion is not selfish or self serving. She is a performer who wishes us all to be who we are, and to embrace who we were born to be.

This conservative yet open minded single mother of three, has nothing but admiration and appreciation for the embodiment that Lady Gaga is. For those brave enough to open their minds and to see past the wigs and thick feline stenciled eyeliner, you will be enlightened by her authentic representation of source energy, divinity, awareness, and energy alignment.