Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It is said that each of us has a certain vibration. When we say that we do or do not like the "vibe"of someone we know, we are referring to the energy that person is giving off. We know that energy can be either positive or negative. If we believe this to be true, then it is fair to say that energy, which can be determined through vibrations can be either positive or negative. We know that we are energy beings, whose musculoskeletal systems and cardiac rhythms are powered by electrically charged minerals in our bodies. And so we can safely assume that we are in fact "energy beings" who carry with us a certain vibrational field.

What is within us will dictate what is outside of us. If our thoughts are negative, then it is correct to assume that what is happening in our "real time" is going to be negative. If the eyes through which I view my world are tainted by anger, resentment, self pity, worry, obsession, guilt or addiction, then I will only be able to "see" those things in my environment which support what I am feeling inside.

If a man is angry at his wife, his eyes will not see the time she put into making him a meal. His internal dialogue will effect how he perceives his reality and he will only see that she did not remember to put his favorite fork beside his full dinner plate.

If a woman is resenting her husband, she will not see that his working overtime is for the vacation he has planned for her at the end of the month. Her "feelings" will taint her perception and she will only feel slighted when he finally walks through the front door after a long tedious day of work.

Feelings can be controlled. But far too often we do not use the ability we humans have to force our "feelings" to work for us.

Being happy, grateful, peaceful, and content are not emotions that just show up.

In order to be happy, grateful and content, we must decide to be so and change our vibrations from within.

It is possible to cause our vibrational energy to be positive and to override any impulse to be negative. All we have to do is choose what thoughts our minds want to hold, and then fixate on feeling good.

Daydreaming about feeling good causes the vibrational energies inside of us to shift. And whenever we shift our vibrational energy from one of sadness to joy, we then effect the world at large by adding to its positive energy field.

At our core is a perfect positive energy source. At any time we can tap into that source and connect with all that is good in this world. But we cannot unless we choose to do so...

If you close your eyes and imagine everything you ever wanted, your energy will become more positive and when it does, you force the universe to align with your desires.

The opposite is also true. If you are hopeless, you will draw from the universe all that is hopeless and what you think about and what you feel will in fact show up.

The key to happiness is to be happiness...right here and right now...