Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Can I Make A Man Fall In Love With Me


Yes, believe it or not, I have been asked this question too. "Lisa how can I make any man fall in love with me?"

It seems like a silly question, but in the juice of it is a woman who is still seeking outside of herself the acceptance she should be seeking within.

For any woman, or man for that matter to ask or to contemplate such a question is to imply that the asker of the question is not in love with their own Self.

If the thinker of such a question is under the delusion that there is some hokey pokey mumbo jumbo answer to this idea, then it is safe to presume the asker is one who seeks many answers to many questions outside of him/her Self. Therefore the thinker will, unless a conscious shift is made, perpetually seek outside of their own Self for happiness. This will leave the thinker frustrated, exhausted, and in search of, rather than an owning of ones own Self, love and happiness. And the thinker will ultimately blame those outside of him/her own Self for the lack of love they feel within.

Am I making sense here folks???

But for the hell of it, I am going to answer the question posed.

If you want a man, or a woman to fall in love with you, you first must fall in love with your Self.

Think law of attraction.

Non physical, which is the "feelings and or thoughts" you feel within you, must manifest in the physical, or in your time space reality.

If you find love right where you are within you, and begin by respecting your body through exercise and nutrition, and if you respect your mind through meditation, reading or writing, and if you absorb your Self with things and interests that delight you, love must show up in your physical reality.

But if you disrespect your body by polluting it with excessive amounts of fat and sugar, and if you dishonor your mind by giving thought to ideas of anger, frustration, victim-hood and blame, and if you do not seek to find things in your environment that delight you on the inside,then please do not muddy the waters any further by expecting anything but a partner that also pollutes and disrespects his/her body, plays the victim, and has no outside interests aside from looking to you to make him/her happy.

Whatever amount of love you now hold for your Self, will draw to you a partner that can only love you that much. Your beliefs of your Self, magnetically draw to you the vibrational match of partners.

If you are in a chaotic time in your life right now, you will attract a partner of chaotic energy. If you are wanting a distraction, then your partner will be so confusing to you, you will find yourself distracted by their chaotic beliefs, thinking and behaviors.

If you are unhappy with you, your partner will do things that reinforce that energy you feel within you. If you dishonor your own Self, expect your partner to dishonor you...There are no victims here, only co-creators.

When you want more, your belief in more must increase. And when your wants build enough energy so that they can become unconscious beliefs, you then begin attracting partners that reflect those new beliefs back to you. It can be no other way.

Keep playing the victim, keep blaming others, and expect others to continually victimize you while you stand there pointing your finger at the world, drawing your last breath, "Look what they've done to me"...

Gimmee a break...

So unless you are content with the love that is showing up in your partner, it is time to start loving you...and time to stop seeking love of Self.