Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Improve Self Esteem/And The Law of Attraction

Often when I mention the term 'the law of attraction', I am met with a confused eye. I get the impression that whom I am speaking to thinks that the law of attraction is some form of a new age religion or something close to it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Since the "Secret" was released, many have been exposed to expanded ideas they otherwise may never have been exposed to. Our society seems to separate rather than integrate, as evidence in cultures, neighborhoods, government and religion. While culturally birds of a feather seem to flock together, the reality is beneath our skin, programming and conditioning, we are all the same.

Our government is branched and divided, as are our religions, who incredibly have all created gods to coincide with a particular cultures ideas of god. The question that haunts me however is, did god create man, or did man create god? And if we now, as modern, enormously intelligent advanced human beings, we do not question what we have been programmed to believe, and accept the same ideas of the not so modern or enormously intelligent minds of the past, how then will we ever truly discover the truth?

What is needed at this time is courage, open minded non judgements, and a dash of good old common sense.

What we need is a balanced blend of science, spirituality, and a basic understanding of human psychology.

Come on people-if we are all human beings, then we ALL came from the same source. If there is a god, he/she/it is a creator, and created us all. Peel back our skin, break us down to the beginning and our existence can be found within the workings of an atom. Some religions will say we all began with Adam, but in my opinion it is simply two sides of the same coin. One side represents the non physical while the other represents the physical.

In addition, as a man thinks so shall he create. What a man reeps in his non physical mind or thoughts so shall he sow. The non physical is always equal to the physical result. An ill mind will create ill situations and manifestations in his physical life.

Your beginning is proven by science, and cannot be disputed. What is now even being recognized by science is the idea of intelligence or collective consciousness. If you research the quantum field and great minds like Plank and Einstein you will be amazed to discover that atoms are mostly a field of energy. In fact an atom is 99.999999999999 percent field of space energy. You are more field energy than you are a 'physical being made up of matter'. You are more a receiver and transmitter of energy than you are anything else.

Buddhism is founded on the ideas of emptiness, oneness, and the nature of reality.

Buddhism is not founded on the idea of a god. In fact, Buddha is the name given to human beings who have reached enlightenment, and choose to help spread the wisdom of enlightenment. Buddhism holds the ill thinking of man responsible for the chaos of the mans life, and teaches that the only way to heal an ill life is through connecting to ones true Self by way of meditation, pure thought, and discipline.

Science does not point to the idea of a god, yet it does now point to an intelligence or as Max Plank described,"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter". Science has now begun believing in the idea of consciousness, which is very similar to the Buddhist teachings of Nirvana or enlightenment. Nirvana is attained through becoming whole or one with the mind, which brings forth an appreciation for all that is and an understanding that all that is is also us.

It has been proven that just by observing an object you can change the nature of it. During the double slit experiment it was proven that when particles were unobserved they behaved like waves and had indefinite patterns and infinite possibility. But when the particles were observed the particles took on a finite number of patterns.

Stay with me folks!

Pull it all together. Use that magnificent mind of yours and THINK it through. Make the connections.

In the above experiment science has theorized that the observer of the experiment is likened to human consciousness.

Therefore when our minds are unobserved, like in a sleep state, our dream state is limitless. But when we awaken and become the observers of what is happening in our time and space, we then limit our possibilities.

This is because our BRAINS have been programmed to compartmentalize people, places and situations. We limit ourselves through our perceptions, which must pass through the filter of the ego.

The truth is we are limitless human intelligence. Unobserved, free from judgement and the desire to put ourselves and others into boxes, there truly is nothing we cannot achieve. This is a scientific fact proven in the double slit experiment. We, our projections effect our reality. We are the creators of our reality whether we believe we are or not. Your life is the result of the labels you have accepted by others, or given yourself, or by the meanings you have attached to yourself, others and or the things in your life.

There is a lot of information to digest in this article. But it is my belief, that if you pull it apart, ponder it, dissect it, and do your own research, you will come up with the same result that so many have.

Your potential is only limited by the thoughts you think.

Consider what Max Plank had to say about the force that created you; "All matter originates only by nature of a force. This force is created by an intelligence-a life force that requires only that we grow. Death, and disease is the non expansion of that energy gone awry".

You my dear are perfect. You are magnificent and if you believe in anything less it is because you have been programmed by others to believe in limits. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Your worth is not something you need to achieve or be good enough for. If you are suffering it is because you are not searching within for truth. Rather you avoid your shadow self, and choose to seek validation from other unenlightened human minds.

You are the observer, and you are being observed and projected upon by others. Just as when the instruments tried to observe the particles in the above mentioned double slit experiment, your conscious mind observes you and others and is projecting continually. What you "think" or what you "believe" alters what happens in your reality, and thus through the nature of the law of attraction, one thought will attract to it another thought of equal negative or positive charges.

If you choose to not search for happiness from within, you will not find enlightenment or peace, or joy, for your happiness will be based on something external.

You cannot seek self esteem or the love of self, from outside the self, also referred to by science as the force or the matrix.

Your only way to improve self esteem is by learning to embrace scientific truth. You are energy, and you are the observer and creator of your reality. You are writing the script that is your life.

Start now being more aware of what role you are playing in your drama. If you see yourself as a victim, expect the role you choose to come with many others who are willing to see you that way as well.

If you see yourself as helpless, expect others to see you and treat you that way as well.

You are not helpless. You have power within you, but unless you believe that you cannot change your life.

What you think you create. Do you know what you think?