Thursday, July 14, 2011

What To Do When Things Go Wrong

In life, when things seem to go wrong, sometimes what is truly happening is you are being pulled away and or off of those things in which you are truly not wanting.

One early morning, as I was writing at my computer I heard a tremendous 'whoosh' outside my home. A few moments later my neighbor knocked at my front door. The giant half rotten tree that was standing directly in front of my home had been uprooted and was now laying spread across the front of my home. When it landed it totaled my grey, beat up minivan, and also took out an old white fence that lined my front yard.

To my neighbors and even to my children the site was one of devastation. But in my heart I could feel this little happy dance going on.

The truth is, I hated the site of that big, old rotten tree, I had grown tired of that beat up old minivan, and the white rickety fence did not match the rest of the fence that surrounded my home. Inside of me, as the firemen arrived to survey the damages, I was so happy that the three things I wished to change in my life at the time, all got taken care of in one shot.

The interesting thing was, at the time, I was not as aware as I am now about the law of attraction. I spoke of it like I would about my breakfast choice of the day. Now I know better.

I remember the negative feelings I had about that tree, my minivan and my fence. But I also remember the positive feelings I had when I dreamed about what my house might look like without that rotten tree spoiling the way it looked, and about getting a new white Equinox. I remember going to Home Depot and checking out what types of fences I would prefer to line my home, and I remember how happy that made me feel inside.

Just a few short days later, I had enough insurance money to help me buy the exact white Equinox I wanted. In fact I drove it off the showroom floor. I also purchased the exact cute little white picket fence I wanted to line my yard. The city has yet to replace the tree.

When things go wrong externally, sometimes its just the energy around you kicking up speed. As you become more and more in alignment with what you are truly wanting, energy speeds up.

When things go wrong, it is important to learn how to step out of your reality of time and space and take a broader perspective on your situation. Most often what manifests as something wrong, is the path the universe has chosen to get you to where you are truly wanting to go. If you are able to mind your emotions along the way, you will have an effortless transition from here to there.

When frightening thoughts enter your mind, feel the negative emotion of it, and then quickly force your focus onto something, or someone that you love. Today while writing this piece, fear began to fill me as I had intended to write about the Holocaust. As I began to write, I felt a strong negative emotion come into me, and so I deleted the piece. Then I quickly changed my point of attraction and deliberately focused on a beautiful picture of my daughter Lee Lee when she was about 4 at the beach. Her smile is wide, her hair is flowing in the breeze and the ocean is rolling towards her in the background. I immediately felt my energy shift from negative to positive. And then and only then I started to write again. This piece is what was born.

I hope it has enlightened you.