Friday, July 15, 2011

Yes! Ignore Reality

If it is so that the brain cannot tell the difference between what is a fantasy, and what is true in time space reality, and if it is so that the brain can do a thing in time space reality, while being lost within ones thoughts, like when one arrives home at the end of the day, has sat in much traffic, and once inside his/her home, wonders, "How the hell did I get home? I can't even remember what route I took to get here."

If this is all true, then it is not necessary to 'react or give in' to any chaos that is happening in time and space. If this is so, then it is possible to instead make the conscious choice to create ones own reality within the rails of ones own mind, while still doing what needs to be done in time space reality.

It is possible then to have a boss who is wishing to pressure you to work more effectively, and for you to although acknowledge the bosses wishes, to not take on the bosses anxiety and instead visualize yourself laying on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere while you are doing the work it is you normally do.

It is possible to instead of reacting to a disagreement you may have had with your spouse, by pondering and attracting into your mind through your unguarded thoughts and through the power of the law of attraction more thoughts that get you angry, which by the way is what you DON'T want, to stay in your mind and create the feeling you DO want.

If your primary intent is harmony, then it is necessary for you to ignore what is happening in time space reality, and to instead stay FOCUSED on what you DO want.

Most people spend more time focusing on what they DO NOT want instead of what they DO want.

What is happening in time space reality is a by product of all the pre paving of thought and or fear or hopefully of joy, that you have done before this time. The key to manifesting the life you want is to choose to begin focusing more NOW, so you can begin to pre pave the reality and the feelings you want to show up in the future.

Do not claim to want peace tomorrow if today you are considering an affair.

Do not claim to want peace tomorrow if you today you ignore your children.

Do not claim to want peace tomorrow if today you choose to get drunk-again.

Do not claim to want peace tomorrow if today you are irresponsible in your finances.

Do not claim to want peace tomorrow if all you can think about is how to get through today.

If you want peace tomorrow, you have to begin finding here and now, so to help you attract more of it in your future. We always get what we think of most. What are you thinking my friend?