Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Are Not, Nor Ever Were A Victim

Dear Friend,

If you are reading my writing, and have been for quite some time, what you have read is actually a coming of my mind, or my reality.

Once I believed in the illusion of separateness. Once I believed that my parents, peers, and eventually husband, were those who were doing something "to me". Now I know better. Now I realize at a conscious level, that what I believe I expected, and thus projected onto those around me. Believing I was no good, or not enough, caused me to "expect" to have others treat me as if I was not enough, so therefore even if that was not a reality for others in my life, because it is what I believed, projected, and expected, it is what I experienced and ultimately created in my life.

There is no separateness. On a quantum level, we are all one. The idea of separateness is a complete illusion. Our experiences are based on what we believe on an unconscious level. These beliefs have been programmed since childhood and along the way we have picked up beliefs, notions and ideas from those who have come in and out of our lives.

In order for you to be happy, you must uncover your deep belief systems, pick them apart and dispose of those who lead you onto any path that is rooted in the idea of separateness or hate.

At your core, you are perfect. Happiness is found when you return to that. There is no other in this world that can satisfy you the way in which you truly need to be satisfied. There is no man, no woman, no child, no car, no home, no trip that can give you what you are truly in need of...The healing you must seek must be one of de-programming your unconscious.

If you believe you need a mans attention to feel good, that is a lie.

If you believe you need to be a certain weight to be good enough, that is a lie.

If you believe you need to have a certain amount of money in the bank to be happy, that is a lie.

If you believe you must die of sickness in order to die, that is a lie.

If you believe someone is doing something to you to make you uncomfortable, even that is a lie.

If you are in an uncomfortable relationship with someone, that is because you do not believe you are worthy of a loving one, which means you do not believe you are love. Or it may be that you do not believe the other is capable of loving you, or being kind...either way you will experience in the other what you believe of the other from within.

If you do not believe you are worthy or are love, then whenever you look out into your environment you will project what you feel onto others, so even if they are trying to love you, you will not be able to accept it. Instead you will expect not to see love through your projection of it from within your own self. Eventually you will be disappointed by those in your life and believe on a conscious level that the others failed you. But the truth will be that you created what you experienced in real time, and thus will complete your internal cycle 360 degrees...Your inner speaks to you, "I am not worthy" and then your outer proves you experience others as treating you as you are not worthy.

If we were all to return to our truth, which is that we are enough, that we are love, that we are all connected to one life source, then the need to feel unworthiness, or old, or used up, or not enough, would fade.

But the collective mind of government, who strongly believes in money and power, prefer to have you be the distracted, self loathing, obese, reality tv obsessed, terrorist fearing, diseased beings that so many of us are.

Freedom comes when one begins to understand that what they believe they create.

Turn off your televisions, for they serve only to confuse you and keep you in a state of chaotic unconscious programming. Turn off your radio's, for they too serve only to depress you, and fill you with more fear. Stop reading your newspapers. But if you do decide to watch the television, or listen to the radio, or read the newspaper, do it with a discerning ear. Absorb only those things that serve to uplift you, and refuse to allow the fear that is being projected globally through the various forms of vibrational energies out there, root within you. Fear is a very dense vibrational space. Do not put your eyes upon statistics, ideas of terrorism, cancer, or disease, for all of these things cannot be experienced within your reality unless invited by thought and held in place by fear of it, and a belief that it is or one day may be a part of your experience here.

Instead begin loving. Begin loving you, your children, your spouse, your apartment, your bed, your bathroom, your toenails, your lips, and your soul. Allow that love vibration to grow so that when you look outside you train your brains eye to see only things that uplift you like the beauty in cloud formation, or the vibrant colors in flowers. Train your mind to look away from news and information that takes you out of harmonious alignment. When in conversation with others, do not participate when the conversation turns in a negative direction. Keep still to what vibration you are trying to maintain.

Decide right now to begin creating your own reality by choosing to believe your own thoughts. But know that no matter what beliefs you hold true, at your core, you are perfect, complete and a loving being.