Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Do We Help One Another In This Time

For those of us who have bucked the mass consciousness of man and whom have decidedly chosen to take the road less traveled through deliberate creating of the lives we do want by focusing on feeling good now, how do we too, help one another in this time space reality with their focusing upon their own vortex?

How do we enlighten, entice and encourage those amongst us who are still burdened with doctrine, and stinging with the fear inflicted by the less conscious humans?

How do we help one another learn to become allowers of good feelings, and appreciators of blessings seen as well as unseen, when the collective negative consciousness of man is so prevalent?

When we were first born there was no resistance in our vibrational energy that was not pulling us towards a wanting and fulfilling of greater contentment. Our desire then was to simply "be". As infants we intrinsically knew what it was to be in alignment with our source, and deeper why we were born at all.

You were born to be free. You were born to come here and to learn what those things were and are that bring you joy. You were born to find appreciation in everything your eyes laid themselves upon. You were born not only to receive love but to give it as well. You were born to feel good, all the time, and when you don't you are pinching yourself off from your source as well as your reason for being at all.

For those of us who accept and delight in the knowledge that we are each creators of our own life experience, we have already come to know that peace is ours and can be ours whenever we desire. We know that what we focus upon we cause to grow. We understand that one negative thought if focused upon will draw to it another negative thought. We understand that as each negative thought attaches to another, the energy to it increases dramatically, and so do the negative emotions that keep us unhappy and unfulfilled, complaining, whining, depressed, anxiety ridden, and looking for someone to blame for why WE feel the way we feel.

We all feel the way we feel because of the way we choose to THINK. And what we think we CAN control.

I have found that the best way to help one another in this time space reality stay closer to their vortex, is by staying as near and as deeply into my own vortex as I possibly can.

When in my vortex, I am in my zone. I am joyful, joking, light hearted and appreciative of all things whether they seem good or bad. I know that bad things serve me as well as good things, because through the contrast of the bad, I get to expand my ideas of what it is that will make me even more happy.

We help one another by being examples of "In The Vortex" creatures, who are chronic appreciators of all that is. And by example, and through the great connectors like blogging, twitter, facebook, and other online social media outlets, we bridge our broader more conscious minds and help tip the scales towards greater good for all mankind.