Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Can I Make A Difference In This World

I am one who believes that each of us has been born with one goal only, and that is to become all that we can by following our bliss. Our reason for being born is to to love ourselves as is if we were our own creator.

If you created you, there would be no need for you to look outside yourself for validation or worthiness. You would not fall mindless victim to societal programming or docrtine. You would go forth into every day seeing the world and others through the eyes of your source; YOU.

No matter who you are or where you live, no matter how young or how old, or how rich or how poor, how physically fit or not you may be, YOU can make a difference in this world, right here and right now.

Learn to practice seeing beauty wherever you are. If you are in traffic, notice the majesty in the skies. If you are in a small apartment, feel the softness of the sofa beneath you, or appreciate fully how expansive your lungs get when you take a deep breath. If you are on your phone, appreciate the technology it took to get these words from my mind, onto my computer, then to my blog, up onto the internet and into your palm.

Practice refusing to gossip. Practice not reading the newspaper or clicking on negative news sites on the internet. Practice NOT comparing yourself to others who seem to possess things you desire or the way they look. Practice walking and staying focused in your own mind as others pass you by. Practice tuning into your own thoughts. Create your own thoughts. Practice telling your mind what you want to think. Stop living by default on old unchecked thinking that has been laid by childhood programming.

Your mind is your own. Question EVERYTHING.

If you want to make a difference in this world, start right now by turning your mind towards appreciating, something-anything right where you are. Raise your emotional vibration higher and away from anything that drags you down.

Practice-practice-practice until seeing beauty is your norm, because when you do, you transform not only YOU but you become part of the shift in human consciousness that is leading towards a better more loving world.

When you stop giving your attention to news about wars, murders and so on, the wars stop inside your mind. Your perception of the world changes for the better and by doing so you become an inspiration to all those who know you right where you are.

The world is made up of me's and you's. If I make the best out of me, and in some way inspire you to be a better you, and you in turn inspire someone you know to be a better them, eventually we will have created enough of a positive shift in human consciousness to bring about a more peaceful world.

YOU are worthy.