Friday, September 9, 2011

Evolution of Man...The Argument

Undoubtedly you, like myself at more than one time or another, have found yourself smack dab in the middle of a conversation about human evolution. I have met some who believe we are still evolving in a physical manner. I have heard it said that once we humans had tails, feathers and gills.

I was born a curious soul who instinctively questioned everything. While I was emotionally aware that my curiosity inconvenienced and certainly annoyed the teachers and caretakers in my life, this innate need to have information make sense to me on an intellectual as well as soulful level, was not something I could pull away from my self.

It confused me to think that humans were once apes. Why then do we still have apes?

It confused me to think that we were once fish, although I agree that in utero we all certainly breathe in water.

It confused me to think we all once had feathers or fur, although in utero all embryo's are covered with a thin layer of fine hair, some might call fur.

And although some might argue the tail theory, all embryo's do appear rather reptilian in stages of development.

And as my father believes we were once all just some sludge, I must agree that at conception, and in the hours that proceed, microscopically all our beginnings are rather sludge and amoeba like.

As I grew and began to own rights to my own thinking mind, I was freed to ask as many questions as I wanted, and was thrilled that I could find the answers that suited me all on my own. How I bless the internet!

What I have now freely concluded and joyously report to have discovered my minds opinion does not stand alone is, that evolution is a reality.

However, the evolution of man as a whole has far less to do with his physicality and instead has absolutely everything to do with his mind.

Evolution of man is not about whether or not he ever walked on all fours, or ate pits and wood. It is about the ever growing expansion of the human mind and its ability to go beyond its prior limiting conditioning, programming and beliefs.

If man were not an evolving collecting consciousness, we might still believe the world was flat, have never traveled out of Africa, and might still be burning intuitive people like myself at the stake.

Life is good for you and for me.

Man is evolving ever so slowly, but evolving nonetheless...It was not so long ago women could not vote and Martin Luther King was shot for believing in unity...

There are hero's amongst us, and you my friend are one of them. In you is the same seed that lived in hero's like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Amelia Erhart and Margret Brent.

Claim your right to help improve the world by expanding your own small version, water downed opinion of YOU...and become a greater part of mankind's ever growing evolution of consciousness.

It was the reason you were created at all. A utopia is on the way. One day all boundaries and foolish ideas of separateness shall fade. Until then, alike minds like mine do what we can to spread the message through our gifts...whatever they might be.

You are loved! You are one of us, whether you embrace that or not...And WE, those of us who consider ourselves children of the universe await for you to awaken to who you truly are and why you are....