Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Your Life Sucks Now

As an Intuitive Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction, I attract those into my experience who are ready to go beyond that which they are experiencing in the here and the now;what humans call time space reality.

There is something going on in their life they are not pleased with and wish to change. It is not uncommon for me to hear, "My life sucks."

As one whose life is dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, I understand that as a mind thinks so shall the life become. Circumstances are ALWAYS the result of how and what a person is thinking, which is ALWAYS motivated by emotion.

One who is in conflict with their inner being, who has been conditioned to play mind games with others in an attempt to gain power back over their lives, often winds up as one who actively participates in self sabotage. I know of a world record holder in a sporting event, who once told me he loathed himself on a consistent basis. He struggled with depression and obesity as well as drug addiction. No one would know the war this highly gifted human being was fighting. But he did. And I did.

If your life sucks now, it is because you believe it does. It is because you are not the master of your own thoughts. Instead you are a slave to your thoughts, which are nothing more but notions and ideas that have been impressed upon you through cultural, religious and familial conditioning. Until you AWAKEN to your inner being, you will thrash about this planet feeling very much like a victim rather than the glorious, magnificent, creator you were intended to be.

Humans are the leading edge of all that is. As we look back in time, we can see the evolution of man expanding. Originally all mankind began in Africa. Slowly man migrated out of Africa and ventured across the oceans to expand. Had man not been expanding on a conscious level, the world as we know it, would exist only in the lands of Africa.

Over centuries, man's mind expands and as it does human consciousness elevates to a higher vibration. Many of us already know there are no boundaries. There is no separateness. At our truth there is only energy. And we are all simply extensions of that energy who have been created with the purpose of pulling human consciousness forward.

I am thankful for the gift of the internet, and all social media outlets that allow for the spreading of such blessed information.

If your life sucks, it is because you have never known consciously the true reason for your existence here. But it is my promise, that if you practice and study creation, your life will change.

If you study the law of attraction and if you practice listening to music infused with binaural rhythms, and if you learn to STOP all negative thoughts the minute they begin in your mind, eventually you will gather up enough momentum in your positive emotional stream and find your life turning around.

You were born with a gift. The gift is your imagination. If you are not imaging yourself into peace and harmony, you are turning away from your truth. You are thus turning more towards the dark than the light.

Your life does not suck. You just think it does.