Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Pushing Your Mind?

These days it is all the rage to hear people talk about living in the "now". It is said that the sum of our "nows" determines our "tomorrows".

Tomorrow is very much like ones bank account. What your statement reads tomorrow, will be determined by all of your yesterdays. If right now, you withdrew all the money you had in your bank account, and later today you tried to use your bank card to make a purchase, your purchase would be denied. The aggravation, and disappointment you might feel as a result of having the purchase denied, would be the result of the the thoughts that pushed your mind to make the withdrawal in the first place.

Life's moments work the same way.

Getting the most out of life, will require higher levels of thoughts. If you are not satisfied with your life, an emotional inventory is necessary.

Think back, and learn to observe your own mind. Try to determine what thoughts are pushing your mind in the present moment. Are you fear based, shame based, or guilt based? Are your thoughts drizzled with worry about what other people think about you? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, or do you compare your self with others?

Any unhappiness can be traced back to the thought that occurred the moment before the emotion showed up.

Happiness is possible, but it will take a certain level of awareness or awakening to harness.

If you want to be happy in the next moment, which will be your upcoming now, then pay attention to how you are thinking and feeling now.

Fill your life with as many things and people that bring you positive energy, and remove those things from your life that bring you down.

Exercise daily, to increase endorphins in the brain. Read inspirational books. Write in a journal. Buy your self a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Meditate to soothing music, and seek others who think more like you do.