Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love: What It Really Is

"Damn...I am so's raining today", "Wow, I am so happy, its sunny today". Both of these sentences describe a "feeling".

These feelings are the results of perception.

These perceptions are based on ones core beliefs.

The mind has been taught to place judgements to beliefs.

Beliefs then are judged according to our perceptions of what is happening in our reality.

So if my core conditioned belief about rain is negative, I will then experience a negative "FEELING".

If my core conditioned belief about the sun is positive, then I will experience a positive "FEELING".


Feelings are based on values we place on experiences we have been conditioned to believe in.

The word LOVE has been abused throughout history.

Men who batter their wives, parents who beat their children, and owners who beat their dogs all "believe" they love their wives, children and animals.

LOVE-Real Authentic Love is emotionless, meaning, it is attached to no outcome...The object of your affection, needs not to be or prove anything to you in order to gain your love...

When love is pure, it is non-reactive, pure and stable.

If you were to study mountains, and flowers, and if you were to open your mind to the romance the mountains have with the sky and the wind, you would understand the true meaning of love.

Love-Authentic love requires a letting go of the intellectual and emotional ideas about love.

The key is to choose to love those who add to your experience rather than take away from your experience. Deeper, we all first must learn to love ourselves without judgements, very much the way a flower welcomes and needs both the sun as well as the rain.