Saturday, February 25, 2012

Before You Start Using The Law of Attraction, Know This

With all the hoopla circulating around the law of attraction, and being one who is a diligent student of the laws of the universe, I wonder just how deeply these laws are understood by others.

In my earlier days of learning about the law of attraction, I was often confused. It seemed so simple. I attract what I think about. But the more time I spent studying the laws the more I began to understand that manifesting desires isn't such a simple process after all.

So much of what we think is not conscious. So much of what we do is based on our subconscious belief systems. Therefore unless we first uncover what our subconscious beliefs are about ourselves, our worthiness, and so on, nothing we "think we think" is going to be able to bring about "what we think" we desire.

If you desire a loving partner who is going to respect you for who you are, validate you as a person, and honor your feelings, yet on a subconscious level you do not love your self, respect your self, or honor your own feelings, no matter what hogwash you consciously think about you will never be able to manifest a truly loving partner.

If you subconsciously resent rich people, yet consciously ask the universe for more money, you will not be efficient at manifesting riches, because your true vibrational offering is negative towards people with money.

If you want your children to love themselves, yet subconsciously you have yet to come into harmony with your own soul, your vibrational offering is not a match to what is going on inside of your mind consciously.

If you want a new car, and yet are angry because it has not yet arrived in your reality, your subconscious attitude of "not having" will override any empty words you speak inside your head, journal about or meditate upon.

Before you go and start frustrating yourself thinking you are using the law of attraction to your advantage, know that the universe isn't listening to your words. Instead it's feeling the words you cannot hear.

In order to truly master your time space reality, you must first know your subconscious mind, spend time analyzing it, deprogram it, and then reprogram it. It is not possible to manifest without knowing what is first going on inside of you on a subconscious level. The vibrational offering of your subconscious is what the universe is responding to.