Friday, February 24, 2012

The Missing Key to Manifesting Desires

In the past few years I have been getting really good at manifesting desires into my life. From love to work, to the book I have recently published.

In reflection, I have wondered about my unique turning point. Why is it that for most of my life I never allowed myself to dream? Why is it that for all the years up until recently, did I live with such a short list of wants?

My fiancee has taught me much. One of the greatest things I love about him, is his ability to dream and dream big. A masterful visualizer, he is a man who consistently draws into his experiences those things he dreams of. Unaware at how good he is at using the law of attraction to his advantage, he is a joy to observe.

Through the experience of loving him, I discovered a key difference between the both of us.

My darling believes he deserves wonderful things in his life.


I on the other hand, was a child who was programmed to believe I did not deserve wonderful things.

Instead, I was taught that wanting was selfish, and was labeled as such whenever I expressed a want, a need or a desire.

For me the missing key was found in my unconscious childhood programming. Taught that life was supposed to be hard, money didn't grow on trees, and that money was the root to all evil, I was unaware of the message I was offering the universe. Like my parents, while I always had what I needed to feel "safe", the money was never really there for all the extra goodies that made life joyous, like vacation or luxurious cars.

I have spent the past few years debunking my subconscious mind. Through more conscious journaling, brainwave technology, and through the studying of youtube videos like, "Think and Grow Rich", I have made steady progress in the changing about of my subconscious programming.

For anyone who may be stumbling with manifesting their desires, do a self awareness check and see if perhaps you are blocking your manifestations because of your subconscious belief that you may not be deserving of great things.

What are you subconscious beliefs about money, about rich people, or about people who drive really expensive cars?

If you feel any negativity towards people who have money, or if you are envious of those who drive expensive cars, or who take long vacations, then you are sending negative information out into the universe. Your vibrational offering is muddled, confused, and certainly not clear.

Allowing abundance to flow to you will first require you to believe on an unconscious as well as conscious level that you deserve to have great things come to you.