Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How The Law of Attraction Really Works

You at your very core are a vortex of spinning energy. Your being is vibrational in nature. This is not sorcery, a fantasy or some made up plot in a fiction novel. This is science folks.

Your heart beats due to an electric current that is supplied by the chemicals in your body.

You are a vibrational creation.

The very universe you exist in, exists because of like matter being drawn to like matter in the form of energy flow.

Although most people never question how it is the moon or the sun sit in the sky without strings or scaffolding holding them up in outer space, the very foundation of our universe is the law of attraction.

Although books like the Secret and The Power were instrumental in raising awareness about this universal law, unfortunately less curious minds have poo pooed the premise as hollywood fluff. These minds are missing out on a whole lot of fun. So sad...Oh well...let's move on.

The universe can only exist if the law of attraction continues to operate. Because this is simply scientific fact, it only makes sense that it is true for all forms of life within it.

Humans have an ability no other life forms have. We have the ability to consciously alter our realities through focus and deliberate intent. Our ability to visualize and feel on an emotional level is the equivalent to sending out a radio signal. Because the universe is vibrational in nature, it is constantly, in every moment receiving information and drawing like energies to match our vibrations, whether they be positive or negative.

If you are feeling angry, your vibrations are negative. In every moment you sit in your anger, you are sending that frequency into the universe, which will respond immediately with equal negative energy. Whether you spill your coffee, lose your car keys, get a flat, or have an argument with a stranger in the street, whatever shows up next will be equal to your vibrational offering.

The key to happiness is self awareness. Learning to still the mind so you are able to observe what you are thinking and feeling is one of the first steps to using this law to your advantage.

Knowing what you are thinking and especially feeling moment to moment, allows you to then decide what you want to think and feel to effectively create your reality to match your innermost desires.

Pay attention, because your universe is...