Friday, February 3, 2012

Self Esteem For Children and The Law of Attraction

Sadly there has been a backlash as a result of all the hoopla created over the amazing book "The Secret". In conversations I have had with people who have not taken the time to study this universal law, I have unfortunately noticed that there is an overwhelming tendency for these people to discount the true meaning of the law of attraction. As if the law of attraction is some silly made up delusional mental creation related to sorcery, rather than the scientific fact it is, many people dismiss the enlightening knowledge it possesses, and fail to use the law to enhance their lives.

The very basis of our galaxy is the result of like matter being attracted to like matter. Our planets, once nothing more than swirling dust; the result of being sucked into a black hole, swirled and swirled into a vortex, until matter that was liken to itself was forced to magnetically bind. Vortexes are the result of magnetism. The very basic unit of what a being is, is in fact a vortex. An atom is a swirling vortex of energy.

Why then is there so much hesitancy in beings towards grasping the true meaning of 'the law of attraction'? Why then do people turn their unlearned noses up at the very mention of the most powerful law on earth?

The answer is simple. If people cannot see it, they have a hard time believing in it, yet no one doubts the sun exists long after it has set and the moon sits in the sky. And how simple is it for parents to doubt the pain their child may be in, because his/her wounds are on the inside, opposed to on the outside, in the form of a bruise or a laceration.

Self esteem is defined as regard for ones self. If the adults in children's lives do not know who they are, and do not come to understand how magnificent and perfect the soul is, no matter who the soul is, based purely on the concept of the miracle of the law of attraction, how then can a parent ever truly be equipped emotionally to be able to convey to a confused child the absolute knowing that their child is perfect?

At a very deep level beings have been ingrained to believe their worth is found through something outside of themselves. Religion separates man from god. Religion teaches us that we are born with original sin. This of course is a lie. Every life form is miraculous. But unless parents learn to love themselves, they cannot efficiently pass that knowing, that emotion, that vibration onto their children.

Mothers who complain about their weight, their age, their skin, or the unfortunate circumstances in their lives, emit negative emotions in the form of vibrations. These vibration will be absorbed by their children and draw into the lives of their children like negative energies in one form or the other.

Fathers who call their children names, are over controlling, or who never show up for their children, send negative emotional energy in the form of vibrations to their children. This lack of feeling worthy in the eyes of a child as the result of his/her fathers ridicule, criticism, or absence, infuses the child with a sense of low self worth. This negative emotion is emitted on a vibrational level from the child, and as a result this child will draw into his/her experience the exact equivalent vibration into his/her life experience. Whether it is bullying at school, or being the bully, or getting hurt, or poor grades, or getting into trouble, it is simply like energy being drawn to like energy.

Self esteem is a vortex of either positive or negative energy. The more a parent understands his/her self and fully grasps the magnitude of the gift life is, the greater their child's vortex of positive self esteem.