Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Is Your Vibrational Offering

Because anyone with half an ounce of intelligence whom has ever taken the time to ponder the fact that our very planet, its sun, and orbiting planetary siblings, is a physical representation of the law of attraction at work, it is fair to assume that like in fact attracts like.

If this is true for the planet we walk on in relation to the sun we derive life from, then it must also be true for we physical beings and our human brothers and sisters.

Building upon this premise, it would be safe to assume then that all creatures attract their own sets of circumstances.

But how?

We beings are vibrational creatures first. We are physical manifestations of our vibrational states of being. Our emotions, rule our behavior. Therefore, who and what we are on a vibrational level attract to ourselves its equal.

If I hate my self, I will attract people, circumstances and situations that validate that fact for me.

If I feel lonely, and seek out into my environment for love, I will not find it. My vibrational point of attraction will not allow it.

If more beings took the time to go within, and appreciated their vibrational points of attraction in the now, then beings could master their destinies deliberately drawing into the experiences the things they desire.