Friday, April 27, 2012

The Joy of Letting Go

As time passes, and my emotional self catches up with this time and space reality, I find peace in letting go.

The easing up of resistance, which I so often feel in my chest ( or to those in the 'healing' circuit -- the heart chakra) is where I can sense this angst slipping away.

On auto pilot no more, I am more in touch with unease and its reasons for being a part of me than ever before.  My job then, is to remind myself often to use the divine ability to detach from angst when I begin to feel my peace slipping away.  The goal being to stop pinching myself off from what is my birthright -- joy.

There is fear in the atmosphere. And when we stop reminding ourselves that we are enough, and that most of us really don't need all the things we think we do, fear rises up from within.  We then get swept up in the equivalent negative external frequencies, and discover that what was inside of us, is now also outside of us, mirroring the angst that so creepily showed up when we stopped paying attention to our point of focus.

Human, but determined to be ever conscious that I am more than just flesh stuck to bones, and that this universe is but a mirror of that which I am on an emotional and thus vibrational level,  it behooves me to stay aware, connected to my true 'self'.

I am happy, on purpose, and strive to be no matter what...

It isn't always an easy task, but it is worth the effort...