Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Message To Indigo Children

It is a surreal experience to know that the very thing about you the world needs, is the very thing that those who love you looked to destroy.

When you come into this world an empath and are mocked, ignored, and chastised for being a feeling being, at times it seems as if life is unfair, and not worth living.

But if you hold on long enough, until you are able to find the courage to let go, the universe opens doors you never knew existed.

When you are an Indigo child, sometimes the most difficult thing to do, is to let go of those who say they love you, so that you can learn to share with the world the gifts you came here to share.

Feel, feel, and feel some more...It is your nature...embrace it, but most of all learn to feel good, and to shy away from those and those things that drain you rather than uplift you.

Don't worry...there is an entire universe of brothers and sisters waiting...