Monday, April 9, 2012

The Teachings of Esther Hicks

I am never not inspired by the understanding of Esther Hicks. As a devoted student of her teachings I am humbled by her interpretations of Abraham time and time again.

For anyone unafraid to think outside the box, who is aware enough not to have a knee jerk reaction to her teachings, her insight offers many a splendid things. For within her words are found the keys to joy, abundance, health and good old peace of mind.

Today, while enjoying one of her lectures on youtube, I honed in on a phrase she used that quite literally seared my mind. The phrase 'articulate awareness' perked my vibrational ears up and had me feeling quite stirred.

If all beings would 'articulate their awareness' what a wonderful place this could be. The main problem is however, that most beings aren't aware they have the power to be aware. Most beings are so bogged down by faulty programming that has them blaming others and the world for their misery, that the very concept of self awareness is one that sadly never even grazes the outskirts of their mind.

To truly manifest the life we all desire is to come into alignment with those desires.

It is irrational to set out in search of love, when a being does not yet love their own self, and believe that true healthy love will be found.

It is irrational and impossible to become rich and to stay rich if one does not 'feel' rich on an intrinsic and thus vibrational level.

We do not attract what we think we want. What we think is only a fraction of what we are. What we are is what our subconscious mind tells us we are, and without 'awareness' we beings don't have a clue to why we are getting what we are getting.

So, to my mentor Esther Hicks credit, I once again point to her key point which addresses the concept of articulating awareness.

Without awareness a being cannot make choices, because without awareness a being has no concept of the idea of choice.

An enlightened being with the ability and desire to articulate his/her own awareness, lands directly in front of the steering wheel of his/her own life. When a being begins to comprehend that the key to mastering life is found on the playing field of his/her own mind, far removed from the need to be validated by others, the ego expires, and manifestations flow.

The ego is what keeps the ability to articulate awareness stunted, because the ego is the result of societal as well as childhood programming. And as more and more teachers like Esther Hicks come forth and others share the information she so generously provides, the more beings will be blessed enough to be able to articulate their awareness, so that they may begin to manifest more deliberately the life they desire.

Esther, thank you for your teachings, your tenacity, your vigor, your willingness and the articulation of the vibrational interpretations of Abraham. I get it, and dedicate my life to passing those teachings along so that others may become more self aware.