Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healing The Child Within

Every thought our adult minds think, is based on the programming and conditioning we experienced when we were children and forming concepts about our 'self'--others--our relation to others--the world--and our relation to the world.

If we lived in fear, or in chronic stress filled environments, then our ability to 'love and accept' as well as unite with the concept of our 'self' was more than likely hindered.

Children who are born to self actualized caretakers who convey a sense of authentic love towards them, who were not raised in fear, or consistently chronic stressful environments, are able to envelope the concept of self.  Because children who are raised by self aware parents are 'spiritually' whole, they go out into the world and naturally gravitate towards what feels appropriately soul fulfilling rather than towards what is soul destroying.

Chaotic adult relationships are the result of childhood programming that has gone array.

When we love our 'selves' we love peace, joy, abundance and spiritual growth.  We don't stay in relationships that cause us fear, anxiety, or pain.   When we love our 'selves' we release our compulsion to take on the problems of others, and trust in their ability to sort out their issues all by themselves.  When we love our 'selves'--we learn to nurture the child in us who--as a child was robbed of the nurturing it deserved.

All love starts with self love...


Be codependent on no one---or anything...Om....