Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clearing and Shielding Negative Emotions for ACoA's

When we are the wounded ACoA or an adult child who has endured any type of emotional wounding at the hands of caretakers, those wounds stay with us well into our adult lives.  Like wooden boats that are full of holes, and whose holes are plugged with pieces of cloth--it is but only a matter of time before one of those cloths gives way, and the salt begins to get rubbed into one of our aching wounds.

Childhood woundings are cruel.  They are cruel because the abuse is often times not visible to the physical senses.  Because most ACoA and other emotional wounded adult children have been wounded on a soul level, and deeper--because caretakers who wound children with their callous behavior, neglect or verbal attacks are often in denial and completely self-absorbed--sometimes not even the victim child is aware that they are in fact being abused.

The pain we emotionally neglected and or violated children experience is then washed away and stuffed beneath the surface of our soul's skin.  As children,we had an incredible ability to presume that everything was our fault, and through the power of our immense creative minds, we invented possibilities to support our presumptions.  We told ourselves 'we were bad--unworthy--fat--ugly--not attractive enough--stupid--clumsy--inept--and simply no good'.

It is important for those of you who have attracted this site into your experience, to acknowledge your right and even your ability to begin clearing as well as shielding yourself from negative energies now.

If when you imagine your past, you experience negative emotions, it is important to allow those feelings to surface, but it is equally important to set your intent--to heal.

Below are some practical steps I would like you to take to help  you heal even more deeply on your spiritual journey home and back to your divine self.

1.)  Begin each day by setting your intention.  Stop complaining and making excuses that you do not have time.  Wake up early.  I myself woke up at 3 am to begin my day with the right intentions.  I make no excuses for why I cannot find the time to take care of me.  It is my responsibility to make myself happy and to cater to my own needs.

In the beginning, it will be a challenge to move past your old programming.  You will feel yourself wanting to complain about how early it is.  But it is my promise to you, that if you eventually begin getting up one hour earlier than you are used to...eventually you will crave your quiet alone time.

Just do it.

Wake up early.  Light a white candle.  This helps balance your energy by giving you a point of focus.  Remember, you are the light.  Within you--is a light that connects you to all that is--and your inner light is what makes you the unique being you are...remember also--your goal is to become lighter...You are attempting to heal your pain bodies, and transcend the lower energies that keep you feeling weighed down, depressed, overweight, anxious and fatigued.

2.) Begin deep breathing as you sit there quietly in front of your white lit candle. Bring your awareness into your breath, and mindfully INTEND to love yourself.  INTEND to let go of whatever painful memory is brought to the surface that day.  INTEND to be as happy as possible that day.  And INTEND to deliberately seek out things in your environment that bring even just a hint of joy to your inner being.

3. ) Journal your thoughts--even for just ten minutes.  Write about what comes to you.  Write about your pain--but always--always end your journaling by remembering to be thankful for something..even if you are thankful simply for the fact that you woke up that morning...Many men, women and children did not wake up today--be thankful!

4.)  Pray, meditate, listen to moving spiritual music--do anything you can to 'move' your spirit--and make it feel alive.  If you are not getting goosebumps--move on...Spend at least 5-10 minutes in deep connected thought.

5.)  Take a hot Epsom salt bath.  This will energize you and help energy move more freely in your new body.  As painful memories surface, you will want to keep the energy in your body flowing freely.  The minerals in Epsom salt will help rid you of negative energies that are experienced in the body as aches and pains.

I am addicted to Youtube and do not begin my day without watching at least 3 videos about something that moves me spiritually.

In prayer, or meditation or even just as a passing phrase in your mind, ask your higher power to shield you from anything that is negative or not in line with your highest good.

5.) And for the love of Pete--smile :)  Smile at the birds, the trees, the sky.  Smile at the elderly ornery people at the grocery store.  Smile at the little kids strapped to grocery store carts you see out while you are doing your food shopping.  Smile at your children...Smile at your lover...your spouse...your dog...Just smile...

With great love for you all...